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How To Create A Rollover Button

In this lesson we’ll be explaining the steps involved in creating a rollover button and how to add it to a page on your site.

A rollover button provides an eye-pleasing option to your site as an alternative to a standard hyperlink. When a user hovers their mouse over the button image it magically changes – a great party trick to impress all your friends!

There are a variety of methods for doing this but we’re going to show you the cleanest, most browser-friendly option. A small caveat, however: while this method generally works fine on modern computers (from the last five years or so), you may find it a little hit-and-miss on anything older, so be cautious.

There are three aspects to this process:

  1. Creating the image
  2. Adding the HTML to the page
  3. Adding some new styles to the CSS file

Step 1 – Create the image

What you need to do is create a single image that includes your button in its normal state as well as its rollover state; the final image will be exactly twice the height of the button size.

For example, if your button size is 100 pixels wide and 20 pixels high, then the image you are creating will be 100 pixels wide and 40 pixels high.

Step 2 – The HTML

We simply insert a search engine friendly hyperlink in the code, as shown here.

<a id=”clickMe1″ href=”somepage.htm”><span>Click Me</span></a>

It is important we give the link a unique ID, as in this example it is clickMe1. This is particularly important if we are adding more than one rollover button. The second button will be clickMe2 etc. The reason for this will become obvious in the next step.

Step 3 – Adding the CSS

This is where a little bit of CSS magic comes in to play and transforms our ordinary looking hyperlink into a super impressive rollover button.

Add the CSS code shown here to your CSS style file, replacing clickMe1 with the ID you have used as well as updating the image file name. If the image isn’t stored in the same folder as your CSS file then add the full URL.

display: block;
width: 100px;
height: 20px;
background: url(“clickme.gif”) no-repeat 0 0;

background-position: 0 -20px;

#clickMe1 span
display: none;

You should also change the “width” and “height” so that it’s the same width and height as your button. Remember that you’ve made your original image twice as high as your actual button, so your “height” number should be half the height of your image.

Lastly, look at the part that refers to background position, as shown here.

background-position: 0 -20px;

Substitute -20 with the number you just used for “height”, with a minus in front of it. So if the total height of your button is actually 60 pixels and not 40 as we’ve used in our example, then change it to what’s shown here.

background-position: 0 -30px;

Save the changes to your CSS file. That’s it – you’re done!

Lesson Summary

In this lesson we looked at how you can easily make a rollover button that works on multiple computers. The three steps were:

  1. Creating the image
  2. Adding the HTML to the page
  3. Adding some new styles to the CSS file

Revised 2012 Exclusive 269 Site Ping List For WordPress

Your “New” Exclusive 269 Website Ping List Is in P.D.F. Is Available At The Bottom Of This Post.  To save to your computer simply right click on the link and “save as” to where ever you want to save it to your computer.  Enjoy 😉


Exclusive FREE WordPress Ping List


Above is a video showing you how to use my exclusive 269 website ping list for your own use in your WordPress blogs.

WordPress Powered Websites By: Mike GuminskiThis is the actual ping list that I use with my own personal websites (revised this year 2012). Whether the websites are original content sites or auto blogging sites I use this exact same ping list that you can download and use for yourself in the link below this post.

First let me tell you why I have created my own ping list. Before I do you can always check these facts out for yourself by clicking on the links to the sites that I am referring to.


If you are using Pingoat their service only offers you 50 websites to ping.


If you use a service like Pingler to ping your sites you are limited to their list of 79 ping sites.  Unless you insert your own ping list in which case even then they only allow you to use up to 100 sites for them to ping at one time.


Ping-O-Matic only allows you to ping 25 sites.

These are the most commonly used services today that people use to ping there sites with. Yes there are many more out there but I don’t think we need to go thru them all.

By now you realize the limitations with using these services. Not to mention that some of these services ping the exact same sites.

By using word press and inserting my ping list into your Update Services section you can simply copy and paste this new list into the field and then all there is for you to do is hit the save button and your done.

To get to your Update Services section in WordPress first go and open up your settings tab then click on writing. After that just scroll down the page until you see the Update Services section. From there you will see the box to insert the new ping list. Then as I stated before just hit the save changes button and you are good to go.

Now from this point forward every time you make a new post there will be a ping sent to the 269 websites.

Personal Note:  I feel extremely fortunate to be able to share this with other people online trying to succeed.  Please feel free to share the P.D.F. report below with anyone you wish.  This P.D.F. document is a locked document so unfortunately you will have to copy this list manually into notepad or where ever you wish to copy it to.  You only have to do this once.  Just make sure you save your document you copied it too.  Trust me you don’t want to have to re-type this list twice.  On that note here is your 269 site ping list link below:

>>>>FREE Revised (2012) Exclusive WordPress Ping List<<<<

Here’s To Your Success,


Michael J. Guminski

P.S.  Here are a few more articles that I found on WordPress Ping List…

Every time I set up a blog, one of the first things I do is go into the back end of WordPress and copy and paste a list of places that I want it to ping. By doing this, every time I publish a new blog post, WordPress will automatically be notifying the search engine spiders (robots) that I have posted new content and therefore they should get their robot butts over here and index me .

Any how I thought it would be a useful thing to put this list in a post in case anyone doesn’t know about this yet so that they can take advantage of it too.
Simply login to the back end of your WordPress blog. Mouse over Settings and then click on Writing.

A new page will open up and when you scroll down you’ll find Update Services.
Copy and paste the following list that I’m giving you and then click Save Changes.
That’s it! You’re all set up

….See The Original Post Here  —-> WordPress Ping List

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Above Is another source I found for WordPress Ping list that was tweeted out.

Below is a short youtube video I found….

Guide: Pinging Tips For WorPress

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