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WordPress Power Sites Designed by: Mike Guminski Powered By WordPress

Custom Built WordPress Power Sites

Custome Design WordPress Power SitesFirst I want to thank you for stopping by on one of my Custom Built WordPress Power Sites before you had even gotten to this page here.  Now you might be asking yourself how did I know that?  Well let me explain.  As you have noticed you have more than likely gotten here by following the “WordPress Power Sites” clickable link in the bottom footer of a WordPress website from somewhere else.  This has been done intentionally to bring you here now.  In almost every websites that I have built in the past 5 years I have included that clickable link in the footer of a WordPress website and even the old static HTML websites too.  I have done this because I myself had learned years ago that when you see a website your visiting that you like you can usually find the source of where that website had been created from somewhere on the page (and it’s usually in the footer area).

You more than likely saw the exact same thing that I have right below this sentence to the right that has let you here today:

WordPress Power Sites Designed by: Mike Guminski
Powered By WordPress

The term “WordPress Power Sites” I have linked back to my website here at MikeGuminski.com.  It is kinda like a business card saying that I Mike Guminski have custom built this website and in doing so when ever someone does a search for the term “WordPress Power Sites” (because they had remembered seeing it somewhere before) the search engines know to give you the link back to my domain name.  In doing the clickable  link to the term: WordPress Power Sites back to MikeGuminski.com I have received countless customers that I would have never gotten to have had the honor or opportunity of building. On the same note I also make my name “Mike Guminski” link back to me here to so people can find me.

I’m glad that  you have decided to stop by my WordPress powered website to learn more on my Custom Built WordPress Power Sites.  Please bear with me as I am revamping the design of this site at this time.  In the mean time if you need to contact me for the purposes of building a WordPress Power website please just let me know by clicking ——–> HERE <——- Which will take you to a simple contact form to get a hold of me.

In the subject line just put in WordPress Power Sites Request.  Then in the subject line give me a basic idea of what your business is and leave full contact details so I can get with you for a quote.  I am currently working on the web design pricing calculator now.  In the mean time you can get a rough idea of web design prices by clicking here and a new window will open up for you.

You may also  email me at Mike@MikeGuminski.com if you wish, but the contact form is a better way for it not to get caught in the spam filter.    🙂

  • Mona Vincent

    I have experienced on web-sites “powered by wordpress” at bottom of page. Is this
    empowerment totally free and what is the procedure. ? Or do wordpress charges
    for it.. and do it calls for technical expertise of designing online sites ?

  • Heri Sudiana

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